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Elastomer Solutions is a leading provider of rubber and rubber-to-plastic components, in particular cable grommets, mainly for the automotive industry. Cable grommets made from rubber/TPE to protect wires and automotive electronics within the car body from mechanical stresses, dust and water.

Elastomer Solutions Group possess extensive experience and comprehensive know-how in the design and production of standard and customer specific grommets.

Grommet Portfolio:
  • Grommets E-Box
  • Dash Panel Grommets
  • Grommets A-Pillar
  • Grommets Front Doors
  • Grommets B-Pillar
  • Grommets Rear Doors
  • Grommets Tailgate Trunklid
  • Grommet Hatchback
  • Grommet Decklid Grommet
  • ABS Grommets
  • Fuel Tank Grommet
  • Grommet for Transaxle
  • FOD Acoustic Grommet